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Friday, August 21, 2015

No-Poo Hair Diary #1

Hey y'all! I know I haven't posted in forever, I just kinda feel like nothing blogworthy has happened...have any of you felt like that? Well, with school starting, I'm sure gonna try to start posting more and more. Anyways, I'm sure(especially if you are on Pinterest, but then, who's not) some of you have seen the "no-poo" trend. In which, women and men alike, slowly transition from using shampoo and conditioner to diffrent DIY methods. I didn't have any idea how much chemicals are in mass produced shampoo and coditioner, it's slightly hard not to feel betrayed...  Most people are introduced to the no-poo method because their hair is either overly oily, dry, chemically damged, or broken. Me...not really any of those. I've had a pixie cut for about a year and a 1/2, and  I've realized that shorter hair=naturally healthier hair. I also don't use many products or heat on a daily basis, so my hair isn't very damged.

So...your probably thinking, "Why does she want to go on this crazy hair diet, so to speak, if her hair is fine?" Well, why subject my hair to a shampoo/conditioner addiction if I don't have too? Also, I suppose my hair has gotten a little bit more oily lately, but that's probably puberty... Anyways, what I've decided to do is to just jump right in! Today was my very first day. There are many different methods, other then regular shampoo and conditioner. I decided on the basic apple cider vinegar and baking soda method. Essentially, you make two different mixtures.  One' with BS and water mixture to act as shampoo, and a ACV and water mixture, to act as conditioner. When it's time to wash, you just clean your hair with the mixtures like you would with regular shampoo an conditioner. Easy peasy. You try to spread out your washings from every other day to 1-2 times a week, with a deep conditioner every time you need it.

The intimidating thing about this whole process is the fact that  nobody reacts the same way. There is no guidebook to this. So you just have to change your routine to how your hair reacts. Soooooo, im pretty nervous.

Yeah, well, heres how my hair looks after my first washing!

It definitely came out looking clean. My hair is softer the usual. So thats cool! Although, everyone says the first few days are awesome, and then you go through the "transition phase". Which I'm not looking forward too, but I dont think that will last long because of my low dameged and short hair. Plus, I'm going to the beach in a few weeks, so my (hopefully) transformed hair will be ready:)  I'll be updating you all soon on my hair, this should be fun................

Testinony/Guide to No-Poo


Troubleshooting Guide


No-Poo Testimony


No-Poo Guide


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Favorite TV Shows!

Hey friends! It's rainy here in Virginia, and my family has totally had a lounge day. While my brother is on spring break, my sister and I are homeschooled so we had to do school today, but in the spirit of icky weather, we ended up just watching some TV shows. So I though it would be a fun idea to share a top 10 list of all of my favorite TV shows!  If you watch any of these shows, comment down below your favorite charachter. Well, here we go! :)

10. And to kick off the countdown...Downton Abbey! Now this is not, in any way, a show that I thought I'd love. But the show is very charming, and surprisingly humorous! I always love TV shows that follow along with real life events. Does that make any sense? Well, the family of Downton Abbey are British Socialites who experience the ups and downs of life in the late 1800s and early 1900s. As heartbreaking as the show can be, the charachters remain upbeat, and like I've said, it can be pretty funny! My favorite charachter would have to be the Dowager, who is played by the phenomenal Maggie Smith.

9. Avatar, The Last Airbender. Quite possibly the funniest show of all time. You can't help but love this show. The plot has the perfect mix of seriousness and humor. Except if youre thinking that I'm talking about the movie that came out a few years ago...dishonor. Dishonor on the producors, dishonor on the directors, dishonor on the whole dang movie. The movie BUTCHERED the TV show! If you've just seen the movie, but not the TV show, you are seriously missing out. My favorite charachter is certainly Aang. He is super funny and innocent, yet he has an old soul. Deifinitely an incredible show.

8. The Unbreakable Kimmy Shmidt. This is a Netflix original series that released, like, two months ago. The whole first season is released and it's a very funny show. The story is about a 29 year old woman, who for over 15 years has been trapped in an underground doomsday cult. It sounds crazy, but the show is crazy. if you need a laugh, this is the thing to watch. Fun fact: Tina Fey helped create the show! Titus Andromedon is my favorite charachter, he's sassy and fabulous, no more explanation needed.

7, The Walking Dead.  I'm not gonna lie, this show scared me at first. No shame here, zombies and post-apocalyptic situations scare me. But....its so good.....but it scares me.....but I'm obsessed.....and Norman Reedus...enough said. Michonne is my favorite charachter because she's WICKED and awesome. Did I mention she's WICKED?!

6. Glee! While, sadly, the show has recently ended(sob...sniff), I still watch it. I've been following the show since the beginning and it really makes me feel good. As dramatic as the show can be, the actors are phenomenal. I've even bought a few of their renditions on iTunes. My favorite actor is Kurt. He's fabulous and a very talented man.

5. The Blacklist...the most intense show known to man. I am all caught up with the show, and I have gotten my mom hooked on the show. She has undergone quite a transformation since starting. We'll be out walking, and she will just look over to a random stranger with a briefcase and be like "hey, do you think that briefcase is really a bomb in a disguise?" It's really very hilarious. The dialouge is extremely witty, and my favorite charachter, Red Reddington, is a genius. Just...watch it.

4.Sherlock. The episodes are basically mini movies, and the plots are sooooo cool! I've read some of the books, and while this is VERY unlike me, I prefer the show. Benedict Cumberbatch is incredible, he and Sherlock are so alike, he's one of those actors that really becomes their charachter. The plots stay true to the books, which almost never happens, Its really a bummer that the seasons are practically a YEAR apart, the next season premiers Christmas of 2015, it's always worth the wait. My favorite charachter is Jim Moriarty, who is incredible, and hilarious. I'm obsessed:)

3. The Flash.  I have read the comics, and I waited patiently for the premeir, and I am absolutely satisfied with how they pulled it off. They got an awesome cast, and I love that they use villans from the comics in the TV show. Nonetheless, I love it! My favorite charachter is, of course, Barry Allen, AKA The Flash.

2. Arrow. YAAAAASSSS!! Arrow is AMAZING! I've followed the show from the beginning, and I'm currently caught up. I hate having to wait every week for a new epsiode. I FREAKED OUT when they did the Flash/Arrow crossover, which I've rewatched quite a few times. Every new episode is equally dramatic and shocking and I have quite a love/hate relationship with the show.  My favorite charachter is Felicity, because she is awesome, and is anyone else obsessed with her sense of style?

1.And drumroll please, my favorite show...SUPERNATURAL!!! I am obsessed with the show. While the show first aired in 2005, I haven't started watching the show untill about a year and a half ago. I had to catch up on all nine seasons, and I caught up just in time for the season 10 premeir, which is probably my favorite season yet. It's definitely a dramedy kind of show, but nonetheless, it's AWESOME! My favorite charachter out of the show is either Crowley, the dramatic, yet sassy demon king, or Castiel, the innocent and hilarious angel.

Thank you so much for reading this very long post, and for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this post, if you like any of these shows, leave a comment! I'd love to know your favorite TV shows and charachters. Have a beautiful day, and remember to smile! :)

Friday, April 3, 2015

New haircut!

I got a new haircut today! Absolutely looovvveee it!! If any of you guys are considering getting a pixie cut, you really should go for it! It's a serious confidence boost and it's so low maintenance. Anyways, here are some pics!
I shaved the side and back, and I'm growing out my bangs so I can braid them back for lacrosse practice. I also got my roots touched up. Nonetheless I absolutely love it!!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday Funday

It's Sunday Funday!!!!!! K an I went to the park today. We had so much fun taking pics and action shots!
^^^this was my favorite shot of the day!

Monday, March 23, 2015


We(my sister, mother, and myself) FINALLY went to go see Cinderella.
I'm still in shock myself. I was crying by the end and I love how they didn't make the movie too modern. I personally think the movie was very authentic and stayed true to the classic. If you haven't gone to see it, you are truly missing out.
I'm also a huge Downtown Abbey fan, so I loved seeing Lily James and Sophie McShera bring the charachters to life. I absolutely loved it to say the least.
So anyways, seeing Cinderella was of course a red carpet event so the girls got all dressed up! I wore the Lauren Conrad outfit from my last post, and a tiara(duh).

I also wore this lovely castle charm bracelet.
And Cinderella inspired nails. On my ring finger I painted a 12 in Roman numerals.
You know, "for when the clock strikes midnight".
HIGHLY recommend movie, the animation was incredible and they got such an amazing cast. 
Anyways, if you haven't seen it yet, make sure to go soon! 
Have a beautiful day, and remember to smile!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Friday, March 20, 2015

LC Lauren Conrad Cinderella Outfit Reveiw

Hi everyone!! Unless you've been living under a rock, I'm sure you've at least HEARD about the live-action remake of Cinderella which happens to be in theaters as I write. Now I myself have yet to seen the movie which kills me inside, but were going to see it soon. :) Not as many people know that LC Lauren Conrad (exclusive at Kohls) released a Disney Cinderella line inspired by the movie! You should also know that Lauren Conrad is kind of a style idol of mine(understatement). Yeah, I'm kinda OBSESSED with her!! She always manages to look perfect and I just happen to adore her, and her clothing line. So of course I had to buy at least an outfit from the new line. I just wanted to do a little review on the clothes, so here we go!!

Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo shirt(did I spell that right?)
Tulle skirt
First off is this beautiful Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo in a really light pink. Most of LCs shirts are kind of thin and see-through so I'm wearing a shirt under it. The shirt is a normal length, it may just look short because I like to tuck in shirts when I'm wearing a skirt. It's super light and soft and comfortable like all of their shirts. The sleeves have an inch or so of this thin mesh-like fabric at the end. Its also kind of hard to see but the back of the shirt is a tad longer than the front.  I especially love this shirt because it would look just as amazing with jeans as it does with a skirt.

Next up is the gorgeous tulle skirt that I'm also obsessed with. The print is a little unclear in the photos, but its this really pretty watercolor print. It personally reminds me of a Vincent Van Gogh painting. It's a really versatile length as you can wear it as an a-line skirt, or just on your hip like normal. I also just want to put in that I'm 6'1 and I was wearing this skirt in an a-line fashion. I felt really comfortable with the length, which almost never happens. I'm really happy with it.
 If you were ever a dancer, you should know this one. If you have a tulle skirt and it's looking a little flat, just take it in the bathroom with you when you take a really hot, steamy shower. Hang it upside down, and the steam will puff up the skirt. DON'T GET IT WET! Water will ruin the tulle. When I used to dance, we would all do this with our costumes and it really does work! I still do it with my tulle skirts.
NOTE: The skirt fans out to the full length of my sisters wingspan. Total win!
Last, but not least, is the cardigan I chose to go with this outfit. Now the cardigan is NOT by LC Lauren Conrad, but it looks like could be. It's this gorgeous pink crochet cardigan! The color is a few shades brighter than the LC shirt, so the pinks don't clash. It's super light and surprisingly soft. It's also the perfect length to match the outfit. The cardi is by Freshman and I also found it at Kohls.
Thanks for reading! If you would like to buy any of these pieces you can find them here!
LC Lauren Conrad>>>
Tulle skirt>>here
Freshman Cardigan>>here.
The Disney Ears are my sisters from our trip to Disney World. She also photographed:)
You can check her out here

(pinkie swear ;)

Have a beautiful day, and remember to smile!